2015 February


February 1, 20152

If your camper doesn’t come standard with a powered roof vent, I highly recommend purchasing it as an option or installing later as an add-on. Several options exist to fit inside the standard 14″ x 14″ hole already cut in your popup camper’s roof for the existing vent.

February 1, 20150

Many consider a powered winch to be an upgrade. That is, until, they are trying to set up camp 2 hours from civilization, the electric winch won’t work, and the hand crank requires about 45 minutes of effort. Learn why a manual winch lift system might be better for your needs.


February 1, 20151

A separate outside BBQ grill is an excellent option for your popup camper compared to a single range that can be rotated inside and out. This is especially true when camping in bear country where you might want to store the BBQ grill in a tow vehicle or bear box while keeping the clean range inside for boiling water.