Always Bring the Bikes

January 24, 2015

We bring our kid’s bikes on every single camping trip – even if we’re not bringing ours. This allows them to bike while we hike. It also provides quick entertainment around the campground, nature’s cul-de-sac!

The image above is my 4-year old son biking at 9,500 feet in the Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado.

18 month old on Strider bike

For those of you with smaller children, you might try the Strider bike, which  my 18-month old daughter could ride with ease, even through the mud!

Extra Credit

Don’t forget an air pump for those bike tires. I use a foot pump like the Wilmar W1638DB.

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I've been camping regularly since I was a kid, from quick Cub/Boy Scout trips to week-long backpacking trips and everything else in-between. We got a popup camper when our kids were 1 and 3 years old to enjoy more time outdoors together alongside a few conveniences like heat and running water. Since then, we've spent over 75 nights together as a family in our popup camper. I've learned a lot about the intricacies of a popup tent camper during this time and love to share those lessons here for the benefit of others.