bikes mounted on 1 UP USA roof tray
Mods and Upgrades

My long running search for the perfect bike rack ended last month when I received exactly that from 1 UP USA. American made by a small company in Wisconsin. All-aluminum construction with none of the easily breakable plastic parts used by most manufacturers. This review is specific to the roof tray version, but I’ll touch upon the hitch-mount product that I later  ordered.

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Mods and Upgrades

We just purchased an Intex Mariner 4 inflatable boat, and their marketing tagline is correct: this thing is as “good as it gets!”  Super tough PVC, fishing rod holders, 3 seat cushions, and even a motor mount and spot to put the marine battery! I’m posting this in both the mods/upgrades and trip reports section to discuss why you too should buy this boat and how we’ve enjoyed using it on trips.

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Mods and Upgrades

A guest post by Sarah Meas: Ok, first off pop-up camper make-overs online are hard to come by! So when I went looking for tips and ideas, I didn’t find much of anything! We got a huge deal on this Coleman beast and I had to make sure I kept it well under $100 bucks, for everything including all the supplies you need while camping. Here’s how I did it.

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outside grill on popup camper
Buyer's GuideMods and Upgrades

A separate outside grill is a must have in my opinion versus a single grill that can be rotated inside and out. I greatly prefer having a grill inside to warm up water for tea or coffee, which I can keep clean, while letting the outdoor grill get messy and greasy. I can then store the outdoor grill in my tow vehicle at night when camping in bear country.

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Boondocking Tips

No hookups means a finite supply of water, power, and propane. Often times, one is dependent on another, such as your propane heater also requiring battery power for the fan. They key to boondocking is to bring as much supply while limiting consumption. Here are some tips for doing both.

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Bubble level on popup camper
Mods and Upgrades

Leveling your camper before popping it up is extremely important, not only for the obvious reasons (not rolling out of your bed at night), but because certain equipment like your refrigerator must be level to operate properly. Leveling is required in two places: front to back, and side to side. One is easy, the other can be difficult – but I’ll show you how to make it easy too!

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Tire ramp for easier water filling on your popup camper
Mods and Upgrades

The first couple of times I filled my water tank, it didn’t last as long as I had expected. I finally realized that it wasn’t actually getting “full” because water was running back out the fill hose unnecessarily. To combat the problem, I created a small ramp for one wheel to sit on which helps angle the tank for proper filling.

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Dual propane LP tanks on a popup camper
Boondocking TipsMods and Upgrades

Dual propane tanks can be a nice convenience for all popup campers. Even if you can complete a camping trip on just one tank, having two tanks with an automatic regulator allows you to not worry about filling up before you leave – as long as at least one tank is showing full. Two tanks can also be an absolute necessity when boondocking for longer periods of time.

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raised frame popup camper
Mods and Upgrades

Raising your popup camper’s frame helps provide more ground clearance. You might not think this is needed for your camper, but simply navigating campground roads can sometimes cause your camper’s bumper to touch. This is because your popup acts a bit like a see saw on it’s axle. Raising the frame gives your bumper and even the front of the trailer more clearance.

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