August 5, 20160

Can your truck, SUV, or other vehicle tow a popup camper? The answer depends on how heavy the camper is, how much of that weight is distributed to vehicle hitch, how many passengers you carry in the vehicle, and several other items we cover in this post about towing capacity.


July 25, 20163

One of the best parts of a popup camper is the comfort found during inclement weather. But since the kids can get bored quickly, we keep a stash of board games and other toys inside for entertaining when mother nature pushes us inside.


May 21, 20161

We just purchased an Intex Mariner 4 inflatable boat, and their marketing tagline is correct: this thing is as “good as it gets!”  Super tough PVC, fishing rod holders, 3 seat cushions, and even a motor mount and spot to put the marine battery! I’m posting this in both the mods/upgrades and trip reports section to discuss why you too should buy this boat and how we’ve enjoyed using it on trips.


March 13, 20160

Unless you want to drink antifreeze, change a flat tire, and run out of power…all on your first trip of the season, de-winterization is just as important as winterization. Thankfully the process is quick and easy.


December 5, 20150

Air conditioning while camping. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But there are a few constraints to keeping your canvas camper a cool 72 degrees – namely power (and lots of it).


July 31, 20152

We rarely travel with a fresh water hose, always boondocking (rather than a full hookup site), and almost always filling up with water at home. However, after forgetting the hose on a trip last year where it was needed to refill, I started looking for a storage location. Today, I had an epiphany – the spare tire!


April 1, 20152

Looking for something to do with those telephone books that you never use? Put them inside the camper and tear out a few pages at a time for lighting a fire. I recently found this stack of old Names and Numbers books that were going to be thrown out, so I took about 30 of them!