Board Games Save the Day


One of the best parts of a popup camper is the comfort found during inclement weather. But since the kids can get bored quickly, we keep a stash of board games and other toys inside for entertaining when mother nature pushes us inside.

The best games will somewhat depend on the age of your children. Ours are younger, but we’ve camped with friends who had older kids too, and the following list was a hit for all:


The Uno card game is easy to pack, super cheap, and enjoyable by all ages.


Sorry is another fun game that is rated for ages 6 and up, but can often times be enjoyed by younger kids with a bit of help.


If your kids are old enough, Chess can be a long-lived game that will outlast even the longest of summer rainstorms. Our youngest doesn’t quite understand the rules, but still has fun moving characters that look like a horse or are called “the queen!”


The kids really enjoy doing balloon animals inside the camper, which can also be brought outside too.

These are just a few of the toys we keep inside the camper for entertaining the kids. Would love to hear your ideas in the comments section below…


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