Buyer’s Guide

I was terribly confused when first shopping for a popup camper. Thankfully, I found a dealer who helped me understand the various considerations to make when selecting the perfect camper. I’ve captured these concepts below for your benefit, including:

  1. Vehicle Towing Capacity: first, find out how much you can tow.
  2. Camper Weight: including dry weight, GVWR, and tongue/hitch weight.
  3. Tips for Saving Weight: from packing techniques to modifications.
  4. Dinette Options: not all dinette’s are created equal.
  5. Bathroom on Wheels: do you want an on-board shower and toilet?
  6. Powered versus Manual Winch: the obvious answer might surprise you.
  7. Exterior Baggage (Storage) Door: access your interior storage from the exterior.
  8. Powered Roof Fan: a must have.
  9. Seperate Outdoor Grill
  10. Overhead Storage Cabinet
  11. Air Conditioning


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