Buyer’s Guide


Vehicle & Camper Weight

Tow ratings, payload capacity, gross trailer weight, and more to help match the right tow vehicle with the right popup camper.


Box size, camper width, high wall versus classic, and many other factors to consider when selecting the right popup camper.


Not all dinettes are created equal. The pros and cons of the size, placement, and shape of a dinette for your next popup.

Bathroom on Wheels

Do you want an onboard shower and toilet? Porta-potty or permanent mount? What about outside showers? We cover it all.

Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen

From an indoor range to outdoor BBQ grills and more. How to find the best camp kitchen for your needs.

Air Conditioning

How an RV’s AC operates and what that means for your popup. Learn if AC is right for you, including aftermarket add-ons.

Factory Options vs Aftermarket

Which features are best installed by the factory versus those you can easily add aftermarket.

Dealer Prep

RV manufacturers are notorious for final assembly oversights. How to ensure your dealer presents a near perfect unit.

Renting vs Buying

Pros and cons of renting versus owning your own popup camper, including tow vehicle prep for renting.