April 1, 20152

Looking for something to do with those telephone books that you never use? Put them inside the camper and tear out a few pages at a time for lighting a fire. I recently found this stack of old Names and Numbers books that were going to be thrown out, so I took about 30 of them!


August 29, 20140

This image is from a very nice restaurant we visited in the Grand Tetons. After a week of camping, we treated ourselves to showers and a thick steak prepared and cleaned up by someone else! We do this often when camping and even boondocking, taking one night to go explore town.


July 18, 20140

Many locations only allow fires inside a controlled pit or ring. Some campgrounds and even a few dispersed boondocking spots will have a metal or rock ring already existing. Other times, you must bring your own to comply with local fire regulations.


November 5, 20135

Dual propane tanks can be a nice convenience for all popup campers. Even if you can complete a camping trip on just one tank, having two tanks with an automatic regulator allows you to not worry about filling up before you leave – as long as at least one tank is showing full. Two tanks can also be an absolute necessity when boondocking for longer periods of time.