Boondocking Tips


April 1, 20152

Looking for something to do with those telephone books that you never use? Put them inside the camper and tear out a few pages at a time for lighting a fire. I recently found this stack of old Names and Numbers books that were going to be thrown out, so I took about 30 of them!


July 18, 2014

Many locations only allow fires inside a controlled pit or ring. Some campgrounds and even a few dispersed boondocking spots will have a metal or rock ring already existing. Other times, you must bring your own to comply with local fire regulations.


November 5, 20138

Dual propane tanks can be a nice convenience for all popup campers. Even if you can complete a camping trip on just one tank, having two tanks with an automatic regulator allows you to not worry about filling up before you leave – as long as at least one tank is showing full. Two tanks can also be an absolute necessity when boondocking for longer periods of time.