Repairs & Maintenance


March 13, 2016

Unless you want to drink antifreeze, change a flat tire, and run out of power…all on your first trip of the season, de-winterization is just as important as winterization. Thankfully the process is quick and easy.


December 10, 20142

Proper battery maintenance is easy to perform yet easy to forget, possibly leaving you without a furnace fan (and thus without heat) in the middle of the night! Here are three simple steps to make sure your battery is charged and ready to use when you need it to be!


November 3, 2014

Most popup camper roofs are made of fiberglass while the roof vent is plastic. Since those two materials expand and contract at different rates when heated or cooled, caulking is needed to create a proper seal. That caulking must be regularly maintained to prevent leaks. Here’s how to do it.