May 21, 20161

We just purchased an Intex Mariner 4 inflatable boat, and their marketing tagline is correct: this thing is as “good as it gets!”  Super tough PVC, fishing rod holders, 3 seat cushions, and even a motor mount and spot to put the marine battery! I’m posting this in both the mods/upgrades and trip reports section to discuss why you too should buy this boat and how we’ve enjoyed using it on trips.


July 31, 20151

We rarely travel with a fresh water hose, always boondocking (rather than a full hookup site), and almost always filling up with water at home. However, after forgetting the hose on a trip last year where it was needed to refill, I started looking for a storage location. Today, I had an epiphany – the spare tire!


June 8, 20151

A guest post by Sarah Meas: Ok, first off pop-up camper make-overs online are hard to come by! So when I went looking for tips and ideas, I didn’t find much of anything! We got a huge deal on this Coleman beast and I had to make sure I kept it well under $100 bucks, for everything including all the supplies you need while camping. Here’s how I did it.


May 18, 20151

So you want to go solar on your camper but don’t want to drill holes in the camper to secure the panels, or perhaps you only need them a few times a year. This post describes a portable setup installed by contributor Bill Kelty.


February 1, 20152

If your camper doesn’t come standard with a powered roof vent, I highly recommend purchasing it as an option or installing later as an add-on.

A roof fan really helps air the camper out, including cooling it down after having sat out in the baking sun all day or drying out humidity collection. The power consumption is relatively low compared to the benefit offered.