Mods and Upgrades


February 1, 20152

If your camper doesn’t come standard with a powered roof vent, I highly recommend purchasing it as an option or installing later as an add-on. Several options exist to fit inside the standard 14″ x 14″ hole already cut in your popup camper’s roof for the existing vent.

February 1, 20151

Many consider a powered winch to be an upgrade. That is, until, they are trying to set up camp 2 hours from civilization, the electric winch won’t work, and the hand crank requires about 45 minutes of effort. Learn why a manual winch lift system might be better for your needs.


February 1, 20151

A separate outside BBQ grill is an excellent option for your popup camper compared to a single range that can be rotated inside and out. This is especially true when camping in bear country where you might want to store the BBQ grill in a tow vehicle or bear box while keeping the clean range inside for boiling water.


January 5, 2015

Discharged water from your popup camper’s sink or shower should never be allowed to simply drain out the side and onto the ground. Food particles will attract animals and soap chemicals will damage the landscape. This is particularly important in desert environments where even clean water discharge can cause erosion.


November 3, 2014

An easy way to keep your camper clean is to store those dirty shoes on a shoe tray. Water will collect in the tray instead of on your camper’s floor, and the tray can be taken outside for a quick tap to remove any moisture or dirt.


April 3, 20145

A vinyl overhead storage cabinet has been one of the best conveniences in our popup camper. It’s easily installed on each trip and holds items like paper towels and wash rags close to the kitchen sink without taking up valuable counter space.


April 2, 20146

Leveling your camper before popping it up is extremely important, not only for the obvious reasons (not rolling out of your bed at night), but because certain equipment like your refrigerator must be level to operate properly. Leveling is required in two places: front to back, and side to side. One is easy, the other can be difficult – but I’ll show you how to make it easy too!