Mods and Upgrades


March 20, 20142

The first couple of times I filled my water tank, it didn’t last as long as I had expected. I finally realized that it wasn’t actually getting “full” because water was running back out the fill hose unnecessarily. To combat the problem, I created a small ramp for one wheel to sit on which helps angle the tank for proper filling.


November 20, 20131

One thing I’ve learned about soap is that it always leaks out of the container. Probably more so when going through drastic elevation changes like my popup camper often does. An easy solution is to store all of these items inside a plastic container and place that container inside the sink pan.


November 5, 20135

Dual propane tanks can be a nice convenience for all popup campers. Even if you can complete a camping trip on just one tank, having two tanks with an automatic regulator allows you to not worry about filling up before you leave – as long as at least one tank is showing full. Two tanks can also be an absolute necessity when boondocking for longer periods of time.


October 26, 20131

Raising your popup camper’s frame helps provide more ground clearance. You might not think this is needed for your camper, but simply navigating campground roads can sometimes cause your camper’s bumper to touch. This is because your popup acts a bit like a see saw on it’s axle. Raising the frame gives your bumper and even the front of the trailer more clearance.


October 2, 201310

Twice the battery, twice the power, twice the fun.

If you need extra power out on the road to power your rig for longer, including the heater furnace fan, lights, water pump, and even help charge your iPad or mobile phone, then adding a second battery is a fairly cheap and easy upgrade.