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June 8, 20151

A guest post by Sarah Meas: Ok, first off pop-up camper make-overs online are hard to come by! So when I went looking for tips and ideas, I didn’t find much of anything! We got a huge deal on this Coleman beast and I had to make sure I kept it well under $100 bucks, for everything including all the supplies you need while camping. Here’s how I did it.

Airstreams and RV’s seemed to dominate the google results. Ohhhhh the poor pop up, can no one see your potential? Just saying the word conjures up fond memories of my camping youth. I wanted to make it a touch more bright and cozy and less ummm, trailerish. I took a break from making goodies at my Etsyshop to make a cute retreat for friends and family to unwind in.  I went with an Americana vintage theme which is easy cause I had a ton of garage sale finds just waiting to jump in! Plus 4th of july colors are all over right now. 


Here’s a before image. Yes, most people would say it’s totally fine the way it is… but that’s not much fun is it? After a good scrub down, I re-used all the curtain hooks and sewed new fabric to the tops. This gave me less work in the end and you can’t see the old curtain tops anyway. Very early 90’s fabric not “bad” (cough) just not what I was going for. I purchased my fabric from the $1 yd bin at Walmart and Joannes craft store.




Cutting one pillow in half is cheaper then buying polyfill.


I took the old curtain down and cut the new fabric to match the old size. I  kept a small strip at the top and cut the rest of the old stuff off.



After a full weekend job, including a whole lot of sewing, painting and cleaning – it’s almost ready… I just need a hanging fruit basket!


I bought the bedding at a discount shop for $19 total not to bad. We did a decal on the side with a quote my 7 year old son came up with. We don’t actually have best buddies but that’s ok. ALL PAINTED white and cream and I have left over paint too! I get my paint from the mismatched area of Lowes or Walmart. Then my gallons are as cheap as $5!


Cushions now have burlap and cheap $1 yardage. I used the envelope technique with the pillows so I could wash them. Iron-on graphics and custom pillows for under $2 each. I found new lettered knobs on clearance for .10 each! But sadly they don’t spell anything but KOG?


Chalkboard paint for rainy days, need I say more.


LED battery operated lights from the dollar store can give you a nice soft light at night or early morning.

More photos are posted below:





Credits: would like to extend a special thank you to Sarah Meas for the guest post above. You can follower her blog at


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    Scott Bideau

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    Great recap, Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

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