Spare Tire Hose Storage

July 31, 20152

We rarely travel with a fresh water hose, always boondocking (rather than a full hookup site), and almost always filling up with water at home. However, after forgetting the hose on a trip last year where it was needed to refill, I started looking for a storage location. Today, I had an epiphany – the spare tire!

The solution is quite simple really. Roll the hose up tight enough to fit within the wheel, use some bungee cords to attach it to the spare, and place the tire cover back over everything.  Out of sight, yet there if I need it.

Extra Credit

Only use hoses approved for drinking water. Standard garden hoses can be made with toxic chemicals that you don’t want contaminating your drinking water. Don’t worry, a drinking water hose can be purchased for less than $10. Connecting the hose together keeps out critters and road dust.

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