Kites for the Kiddos

July 5, 2013

One of the easiest, cheapest, and lightest entertainment items to pack for kids is a kite. You can get it out on nearly every camping trip and it normally provides at least an hour of fun in the sun.

kid with a kite

Here is my 4 year old flying a kite near the campground. Just remember, bring one for each child. Otherwise, someone will feel left out.


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I've been camping regularly since I was a kid, from quick Cub/Boy Scout trips to week-long backpacking trips and everything else in-between. We got a popup camper when our kids were 1 and 3 years old to enjoy more time outdoors together alongside a few conveniences like heat and running water. Since then, we've spent over 75 nights together as a family in our popup camper. I've learned a lot about the intricacies of a popup tent camper during this time and love to share those lessons here for the benefit of others.