Personal Locator Beacon (GPS)

Spot GPS Personal Locator Beacon

From logging your path, to requesting roadside assistance, or even calling in the cavalry (search and rescue) in an emergency – personal locator beacons can serve a valuable purpose when camping!

I’ve owned the Spot device for several years. While acquired for backcountry hiking and camping, I now take it with the popup camper on trips venturing outside of cell service.$99 to purchase the hardware and about the same each year gives me piece of mind. It’s also nice to have the Spot handy for going on hikes away from the camper.

I pay a little extra for the “GEOS Member Rescue Benefit,” essentially an insurance policy against having to pay for a potentially costly rescue mission to come assist me. I also sign up for the tracking service, logging my GPS coordinates as traveled, helping re-create the steps to visiting that perfect boondocking spot again! And finally, there’s even a roadside assistance button and service you can sign up for – making this device not just for emergencies, but for all unexpected situations.

There are of course other devices out there that perform similar functions. One thing to keep in mind: trees, canyons, and other natural objects could potentially block satellite communication – so don’t consider these devices fail-safe.

Extra Credit

I recommend always carrying an extra set of batteries.

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  • […] I just completed the installation of a 12v outlet in our popup camper. This provides several benefits, including powering an air pump for our inflatable boat and charging batteries for our phones, entertainment devices and even our personal locator beacon. […]

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